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Meet the Ozewebhost team

The Ozewebhost Mission

To bring cost-effective Internet marketing within the reach of small business, by allowing our clients to focus on  running their business while we manage the technical complexities of Cyberspace for them - more info!

In the beginning....

Like many great partnerships, Ozewebhost began with a friendship developed through a love of horses and natural training methods. As friendship developed between the Crago and Sutton families, there also came an appreciation of complementary skills in programming, marketing and creative writing.

Not surprisingly, one fine day,  this led to someone saying, "Hey, why don't we start an Internet marketing company"! 
Some days we look at each other and think...  "who decided to do this?"

A quick-look at the directors

  • John Crago, CEO and marketing director - more info!
  • Bill Sutton, CSO and main 'techo-guru' and ultimate 'Mr Fixit' - more info!
  • Margaret Crago, CAO and 'hands-on-the-wheel' - more info!
  • Diane Sutton, creative writer and proof reader extraordinaire

The 'full-story'

This is always a lot more interesting to the participants than the readers, so we'll refrain from boring you with our life histories on this page!

"Check out what our customers are saying about our service!"

Ozewebhost Pty Ltd

Park Road, Nowra, NSW 2541 Australia
Telephone: +61 (0)2 9671 3813
Email: info@ozewebhost.com


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We frequently see examples of small business owners becoming overwhelmed with trying to deal with the techo side of the Internet. Ozewebhost believe the best solution is to help their clients integrate Internet technology into their overall marketing strategy. Thus leaving our clients to concentrate on the thing they do best....
manage their own business!

In the past 20 years John Crago (with wife Margaret) has started, operated and sold numerous small businesses. From music & video production, producing advertising campaigns, tourist attractions, business consulting and now managing an Internet Marketing company, John has never been bored!
This varied business life has allowed John to develop marketing skills in many areas that are critical to success on the Internet.

I'm Bill. I live at a small place called Adaminaby, in NSW, with my wife and two children. For years I worked in the Public Service in Canberra, programming giant computers. My job was to make sure they worked reliably and securely. The PC on your desk has as much grunt as the first computer I worked on - and it filled the basement of a large office building! My family wanted to get out to a more "real" lifestyle, where I could be outside more and work from home (instead of bringing work home). So we moved, and I started programming PCs. Then I met John, and here we are. I like mountains, thunderstorms, snow, cross-country-skiing and meaningful friendships. I don't like computers. My aim is always to make the computer serve the human, not the other way round.

Margaret's experience in financial management and accounting is a critical factor in the financial success of Ozewebhost. Many years experience in managing small business enterprises has provided Margaret with the ability to resolve client problems quickly and effectively.
When not maintaining our company's financial health, you can usually find Margaret jogging along the beach in the company of her beloved German Shepherd, "Murphy".