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Ozewebhost Shopping Cart
and Secure Ecommerce System


Most pages in this section are intended to assist professional web designers in understanding and implementing the Ozewebhost ecommerce system for their clients. However the following links also provide a general overview and allow anybody to 'test-drive' the system - more info!

Ozewebhost has developed a simple to use and economical, yet versatile, ecommerce system, designed for people who already have a credit card merchant facility - more info!  Customers place orders directly with the merchant who then processes the order with the bank. Credit card details are handled securely from the customer to the merchant.

Ecommerce Design Options

If you wish to start an ecommerce shop or you are a web designer interested in a versatile ecommerce facility, please read Ecommerce Using HTML Forms. This describes how to build a shopping cart simply by using HTML forms This document also refers to an alternative shopping cart method, Database Driven Ecommerce.


Using examples of a merchant's shop (sale of used teddy bears) is the best way to understand this system. These following links demonstrate various product display formats, postage cost calculations, stock limits, and file downloads.

Once you have made an order you can see the merchant's side of the process by logging on and entering the userid and password shown below

Don't use your credit card, use VISA 4444 4444 4444 4448 instead.

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A merchant facility allows your business to accept credit card payments. If you can currently accept credit card payments from customers via telephone, fax or mail-order, you will be able to incorporate our Ozewebhost secure credit card payment system into your new, or existing website.

You can make test purchases on any of the ecommerce systems using the standard test credit card number of 4444 4444 4444 4448. You can't blow anything up, so enjoy your test-drive!