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Do you require a quote for website development or website redesign services?

For information on costs and timeframe for your project simply fill in the website development quote form provided below. If you are unsure of any details at this stage please leave them blank.

You will be contacted within one working day regarding your quote request.

If you prefer you can email the details of your project for a quote to quote@ozewebhost.com.au.

Please note: this is a no-obligation quote.

Proposed Website Details

1. Do you already have a website? Yes No
If Yes, please provide the website address:
If Yes, Do you require a quote for redesign of your website? Yes No

2. Have you registered domain name/names? Yes No
If Yes, please list the addresses:
If No, please indicate the desired domain name/names

3. Select the option that best describes the purpose of your website: Online version of company and product/service literature
To sell your products/services via an online shop

4. Describe the target market of your website?

5. Will your company provide most of the text content?

Yes No

6. Will the graphics be provided by you? e.g. logos and photos Yes No

7. Do you require pricing for promotion of your website? Yes No
8. Do you require pricing for ongoing promotion of your site? Yes No

9. Do you want the site to include? (Check as many as necessary) Email response forms
Website statistics
Content Management system
Customer email list
Discussion Forum
Product Database
Credit Card Processing
Animation / Interactive Media

10. Do you require pricing on website hosting? Yes No

11. How many pages of information do you expect the website to contain?

12. Please provide information on how you wish your site to look. If you have examples of particular websites that are good examples of the style of site you desire then please list them here.

13, Please give an estimated budget for your website.

14. Please provide any other relevant information here. You might include information on the type products and services you are selling or any other functionality you would like to include in the site.

If you are requesting a redesign you may like to outline which aspects of the site you are looking to improve.

Your Contact Details

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Company name :
Contact email:

Remember to include a daytime telephone number and a valid email address!

We respect your privacy. Information will not be passed on to third parties.

Please note: this quote does not constitute a contract. There is no-obligation associated with requesting a quote

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