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Website statistics page for

Instructions for viewing your website statistics

  1. Type the following information into the 'Address' field of Internet Explorer (*substitute your actual domain name in place of "yourdomain": https://yourdomain:81/
    eg. In my case I type: https://ozewebhost.com.au:81/
    You will need your UserID and Password to gain access. Once you have logged on to your site statistics page you will see the following screen, where you must click the "USER ADMIN" link outlined in red:


  1. After you access the following screen click on the "List Users" link (outlined in the following diagram in red):


  1. On the following screen, click on your domain name as outlined in red and that will take you to your website statistics page:


  1. The next screen provides you with a great deal of information regarding the origin of your website's visitors, search engine keywords they use to find your site, etc.
    *NB: Pay attention to the small flyout screen in the top RH corner of your monitor and it will give you more detailed information about the various sections as you hold your cursor over parts of the bar graphs, sub-headings, etc.

Having trouble understanding any of this data?

If you are having problems with any of the data presented on your statistical page, please feel free to obtain further information by telephoning John Crago (Tel. 02 9671 3813) or Bill Sutton (Tel. 02 6454 2346).

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Your currently registered business trading name is not always the best and/or only choice when it comes to Internet domain names. As long as you have a registered trading name, the Australian regulatory body now allows you to register generic names so long as they are associated with your services or products. Simply fill out the 'Consultation Request' form at the bottom of this page and we will contact you within 24 hours to offer obligation-free professional advice.