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Defining the quality of testimonials

Almost every website in Cyberspace has 'testimonials', right? You know the sort of stuff that runs like this: - more info!

"Great customer service, 
  I'm overwhelmed!"
  Mary Smith,
"You guys are just the
  John Doe,
  Sydney, Australia
"The best Widgets I have
  ever used"

The above referrals are totally useless for building confidence in a person's Internet buying decision - more info!

Ozewebhost client testimonials

All clients' referrals listed here are used with permission and copied from emails sent to our support people. You will also find their contact details below.
NB: These folk are very busy professional people, although they are pleased to provide confirmation of their testimonials, please treat their time with respect if you wish to contact them.

Anna Widstrand - World Horse Riding - more info

I'm so happy that you convinced me to get rid of that 'hand-painted-sign on a gravel road' and register my own domain name and get a REAL website"  - more info!
URL: www.worldhorseriding.com       Email: anna@worldhorseriding.com

"Check out what our customers are saying about our service!"

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These types of referrals are impossible to verify independently. Like... how many 'Smiths' do you think you'll find in the Baltimore telephone directory?
Or... just how many 'Billys' live in Nigeria ;-)
Therefore testimonials like the following foolish examples are useless to your business when trying to establish credibility on the Internet.

To build serious credibility on the Internet, please make sure that you provide client testomials with easily-established contact details that allow potential clients to independently confirm that a particular 'satisfied-customer' actually did say what the website is purporting to be a factual endorsement for quality of service.

Anna operates a unique horse trekking operation, small numbers of riders to unique locations where they experience the local culture and enjoy a quality riding holiday away from the usual tourist-haunts

The 'gravel-road' referred to by Anna is how I described her previous DIY website hidden deep inside a 'free hosting' section of her ISP's server. I liken her current website to having a huge billboard displayed on a busy motorway.